Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Seeking Senior Love Stories

The Ehlers Group, the award-winning strategic marketing and communications company, is seeking 365 Senior Love Stories.

The company, which specializes in marketing programs for senior housing communities, is kicking off its quest for 365 Senior Love Stories on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, for a book being compiled by authors Janis Ehlers and Kerry Green.

“We are often inspired after meeting residents at our clients’ communities,” said Ehlers. “They often have such rich histories. From their first meeting and courtship to when they married and their early lives, these are wonderful heartfelt stories that need to be written down.”

Entries for 365 Senior Love Stories must be submitted by May 31, 2010. Additional submission guidelines include:

1. At least one party must be at least 70 years at the time of submission;
2. Both parties must be living when the submission is made;
3. Submission may be from couple, relatives or third-parties on their behalf;
4. Submissions must be no more than 400 words
5. Submissions must be typewritten and include the full names of the couple;
6. The published story will contain only first names and ages;
7. Submissions without telephone numbers cannot be considered;
8. Submissions may be rewritten, edited at the discretion of the book authors;
9. Book authors reserve the right to select the love stories for publication;
10. Selected submitters will be notified in advance of book publication;
11. Photo(s) can be wedding photo, couple when they met or a recent photo. Pictures need to include the couples’ names and a photographer’s name if credit is required. Photographs altered in any fashion are not accepted. Pictures can not be returned. Image requirements: JPEG file format and 300 dpi. Please provide pictures that avoid red-eye, busy backgrounds, etc. Image where the couple’s heads and eyes are on the same level are preferred.

To submit a Love Story, please email For more information, please call 954-726-9228

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